Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke signals were one of the earliest forms of communication and were a kind of “optical telegraph”. This method of communication was used by the native North Americans and the Chinese. The Chinese used smoke signals to warn of attack along the Great Wall of China while the North American natives used smoke signals between camps.

Today of course there are easier ways to successfully communicate a message; one of the smartest being social media. Like the Chinese and Native Americans, you can connect and build relationships with people by communicating in the most effective way and right now, that means using social media. Businesses need to be seen actively engaging on these platforms or they are out of the loop. As Mike Schultz’s article on how to ‘sell using Social Media’ reports, ‘familiarity breeds likeability’  – that is if your engagement is useful and informative. Mike lists ‘8 Ways to Successfully Sell Using Social Media’. Worth a quick read before you turn out the light?

People are really taking note of what they see on the social media platforms – after all there’s no smoke without fire!


About Louise Hudson

Hello World - I am Louise Hudson, mum, wife and Social Media Manager. Following a media sales career in London I found myself settling on the borders of Leicestershire and Lincolnshire and doing all those grown-up things like starting a business and family. My passion is making a difference to businesses by engaging their customers
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