Edna on the scrapheap as Logic show their metal – #Apprentice

Where there’s muck…

Jedi Jim hides his light saber under a bushel in The Apprentice; episode 6

Just £6 was the difference between a luxurious, thermal spa indulgence and a boardroom battle of blame on last night’s episode of BBC’s The Apprentice, as Edna found herself thrown out with the garbage (there were lots of rubbish puns last night!).

Clad in big boots and hi-vis vests, the two teams had to make a business out of clearing junk and selling what they could to make a profit. Despite switching to Logic, team captain Helen’s winning streak continued, making it six victories in a row. But you’d have thought Tom had won the entire series, unable to disguise his delight at not having to face the boardroom and Lord Sugar for a sixth consecutive week.

Things started to look a bit dodgy during negotitaions for Zoe’s Team Venture, when the girls couldn’t decide whether they were meant to be offering cash or asking for it and made their minds up too late.

Highlights for me included:

  • Natasha accusing Melody of serving her a “plate of blame” to take a bite from
  • Lord Sugar to Glenn (on Zoe’s self-elected leadership) – “So she shouted you down then?”
  • Glenn in response to Lord Sugar “Erm, no… not fully”
  • ‘Jedi’ Jim (less evidence of ‘The Force’ last night?) and Tom doing their ‘Steptoe and Son’ bit looking for metal (like a couple of Magpies according to LS), and nearly nicking someone’s barbecue as they cold-called on slightly nervous-looking householders
  • Susan in the cafe claiming she was the mastermind of the losing team’s strategy (brilliant!)
  • Edna’s amazing ‘Hey Big Spender’ gloves (trended on Twitter!) on The Apprentice – You’re Fired

But if Lord Sugar hadn’t already made his mind up about who was going (I think he had!), Edna appeared to seal her own fate, boasting about her MBA in “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” and her claim that she teaches Chief Executives what to do. Not this one you don’t, Edna.

Last word goes to Susan – saved by Lord Sugar because of her youth – “I never, ever want to work with Zoe again”. Oh dear! Let’s hope the teams are changed for next week. Actually… let’s hope they’re not!

What do you think? Did Lord Sugar get it right? Who’s going to win?


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