Listen… do you want to know a secret?

Listen to your friends!

Imagine you’re at a party and you see someone new across the room. They’ve caught your eye. They look interesting. They really seem like your kind of person, so you decide to introduce yourself. Full of anticipation, you pluck up courage, walk over with a big smile on your face and say “hi there”. And guess what? They ignore you completely. Nothing. Zilch. Zip. Nada.

How do you feel now?

Over this last week, I’ve been talking with a group of Americans via LinkedIn and Facebook. The thing that’s really struck me, is the way they reach out through social media. It isn’t just a connection or even just ‘hello’.

Without exception, they’ve all really engaged. This engagement includes:

  • A comment on how they like one of my postings on Facebook
  • An appreciation of my logo
  • A question
  • A request for feedback

Unfailingly polite and seemingly genuine. It’s been very refreshing – they’re building communities – not just making lists. There’s conversation and that makes it all so much more interesting. Suddenly, you’re glad you came to the party!

So here are some of my secrets for social media success:

  • You can recommend on Twitter #rfr
  • If you #ff, say why
  • If you ‘like’ a Facebook page say why you ‘like’ it
  • Reach out meaningfully and personally
  • Tell stories, listen and engage your audience – you’ll get noticed, trust me!

Many social media platforms have mechanisms to rate your reputation by involvement, so get involved.

Business and social media is not just about #funwaystodobusiness. Ultimately, it’s about connecting with people and building lasting relationships. To do this you need to connect with people. Do this right and you’ll be perceived as valuable and worthwhile. Someone who’s definitely worth crossing the room for!


About Louise Hudson

Hello World - I am Louise Hudson, mum, wife and Social Media Manager. Following a media sales career in London I found myself settling on the borders of Leicestershire and Lincolnshire and doing all those grown-up things like starting a business and family. My passion is making a difference to businesses by engaging their customers
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