The greatest question ever asked – “do the French like their children?” #Apprentice

Parlez-vous Franglais?

Quel désastre! Poor Leon didn’t speak the language! Last night’s episode of the BBC’s The Apprentice was a real test for the teams (and Anglo-French relations), as the candidates crossed the Channel to sell British goods to the French.

Team Venture leader, Susan, was lucky to have Helen on her side. While choosing which product to market, Susan’s classic questions to her team included:

“Do a lot of people drive in France?” and;

“Do the French like their children?”

I was flabbergasted at that. No Susan, they all walk everywhere and totally detest their children! What do you think?

You know, there’s something about the British trying to speak French, that immediately makes the French speak English (albeit in a slightly tetchy, superior sort of way – and no wonder!) Here was Jedi Jim’s effort:

“This is really popular dans le United kingdom”

Brilliant Jim. Absolutely brilliant.

But the highlight of the show for me, was when inventor Tom demonstrated his true leadership skills, when deciding who would lead the first pitch – him or Natasha. How did he decide? I’m sure Lord Sugar must have used this a million times in the early days of Amstrad.  What’s that special technique? Why, ‘Paper, scissors, stone’, of course! Thanks to Tom, this was even trending on Twitter last night.

But Helen really stole the show, with her 214,000 Euro deal on baby-seat rucksacks and eventually, it was au revoir Leon. I think Helen’s definitely the one to watch now!

What do you think? Who’s going to win?


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One Response to The greatest question ever asked – “do the French like their children?” #Apprentice

  1. Tim says:

    Helen’s definitely a front-runner, with her perfect record of 8 wins in 8 tasks. But, despite his unmitigated disaster last week, I still believe Tom is a big contender. He is a poor team leader, but that’s not necessarily what Sugar is looking for. He is an ideas man, he has sound instincts (which he needs to be more confident about) and he has an investable business. More than that, he strikes me as someone who would take Sugar’s guidance. Melody would just take the money, hear what she wants to hear, and run. She would make a great one-woman business, but I wouldn’t want to work with her.

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