Pope uses social media to spread the word as the Vatican goes viral

If social media is good enough for the Pope...

It can’t be easy managing communications at the Vatican.

All that red tape, so many languages and trying to keep the learning of centuries relevant and up to date.

Pope Benedict recently acknowledged the profound effects of social media in his 45th World Day of Social Communications address. And that’s now been followed up with the news that the Holy See is to launch a new website on June 29. The news portal – www.news.va – will aggregate the main news from the Vatican’s other communication channels, up to three times a day. It’s also been created with social media in mind, including Twitter feeds and Facebook links.

This is all part of the Vatican’s realisation that it can reach a new audience by connecting and interacting with the outside world, instead of simply preaching from a distance.

The Pope on Twitter? That must be the ultimate #ff!

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