Jedi Jim swallows The Blarney Stone as it’s buy, buy Melody #Apprentice

"If you nod any more, I'm going to put you on the back seat of my bloody car!"

“I quite like him now – for the first time!”

Mused Nick Hewer about ‘Jedi Jim’ Eastwood in last night’s episode of BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’. Clearly the force was strong.

And the revenge of Jedi Jim was sweet, as he clearly got the purpose of the task – selling discount goods such as nodding dogs and reinvesting in the best-selling lines – while his Venture team leader Natasha didn’t seem to have a clue. Jim sold umbrellas like it was chucking it down with rain, even though it wasn’t.

Loved it when teammate Susie completely nodded off in the car, waking with a ‘where the hell am I?’ jolt when Natasha phoned her.

Meanwhile, Helen – having been on the winning team for 10 weeks – tried to stage a coup against Logic team leader Melody in the kitchen at the end of day one. I loved the clip of this on ‘The Apprentice – You’re Fired’, with Tom’s eyes shifting nervously between ‘Prom Queen’ Helen and ‘Global’ Melody, all set to Psycho-style music. Brilliant!

But despite an off-the-cuff fine of £100 from a grumpy Lord Sugar, Venture won the task (but lost out on their treat as a punishment for Natasha). I think it served her right too.

Losing team leader Melody blamed Tom and Helen, but all in vain. Nodding Tom decided to show Lord Sugar his “core of steel” and PA Helen leaned on her track record of success. His Lordship decided Melody had spent too much on items that weren’t selling – he couldn’t work with her, and that was that – “Melody, you’re fired”. Only five left – place your bets!

Good news for the marketing team at GlaxoSmithKline with Horlicks trending on Twitter, after Nick blamed Natasha for making a complete Horlicks of the task.


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