Online snooping and ads on Twitter – the week in #socialmedia

Some of the week's headlines in social media

Here are some of the social media headlines which caught my eye this week:

New business sniffs out social media posts of job seekers

It may have seemed funny when you posted it, but what would your prospective employer think? Oops! Companies are now using a business called social intelligence to check out candidates’ online activity.

Hey, Twitter, There’s an Ad in My Stream!PC World

Twitter has at last launched ‘promoted Tweets’ (ads to you and me) into users’ timelines. Welcome commercial development or the thin end of the wedge?

Facebook and Twitter are creating a vain generation of self-obsessed people with child-like need for feedback, warns top scientistDaily Mail

An Oxford University scientist claims that social media is turning us into a vain generation in need of instant gratification and feedback. What do you think? Please tell me now.

In case of emergency,

Emergency management professionals and medics encourage use of social media in response to disasters. Great idea, although don’t forget to dial 999 first.

White House rickrolls Twitter user who complains of ‘dull’ feed – The Guardian

When a follower complained to The White House that its Tweets were rather dull, they Tweeted an apology for the dryness of fiscal policy and sent him a link to a Rick Astley video to cheer him up!

A Better Way to Sort Out What’s Hot on TwitterThe New York Times

Topsy is a powerful, fast way to search Twitter that even Twitter themselves recommend to journalists. Try it – it’s really impressive.

That’s all for now!



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