My own subconscious attraction to Mrs Simpson

I can identify with Marge Simpson

She became one of the best known American women to ever be seen in England. Her love for her man has always been a source of mystery and speculation. But I have to confess, I guess I’ve always had some kind of subconscious attraction to Mrs Simpson. No, not Wallis! I mean Marge Simpson.

To quote Madonna: “I identify with her in that it’s very common when people become celebrities or public figures or icons, we are often reduced to a soundbite and you are given a few attributes and then you’re not allowed to have any more than that.”

Yes, er, quite, Madonna. I couldn’t bear being reduced to a soundbite either.

But who doesn’t love Marge Simpson? She’s patient. She’s proud of her husband, even though he frequently loses his keys and needs her to find them. Hmmm. That sounds familiar! But she also has her secrets and her passions. At the end of the day she’s human (well, okay, she’s not actually human, but you know what I mean).

Yes, I think I can definitely identify with Marge Simpson.

You can read the original story – ‘Madonna explains ‘subconscious’ attraction to Wallis Simpson’ – at the Guardian.


About Louise Hudson

Hello World - I am Louise Hudson, mum, wife and Social Media Manager. Following a media sales career in London I found myself settling on the borders of Leicestershire and Lincolnshire and doing all those grown-up things like starting a business and family. My passion is making a difference to businesses by engaging their customers
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