Friday nights just got even better!

Modern Family - Friday nights just got even better!

I love Friday evenings – and they just got even better! Why? Because season three of Modern Family started on Sky last night. If you haven’t seen it, Modern Family is a brilliantly-observed, hilarious comedy about three branches of a dysfunctional family, filmed in a ‘mockumentary’ style.

Voted one of the top 10 TV shows of the last decade, Modern Family has won countless awards and did spectacularly well in last week’s Emmy awards, starting the night by winning the first four Emmys announced, and ending it with the best comedy award, for the second year running.

Here are some of my favourite lines:

Cam: “There’s a fish in nature that swims around with its babies in its mouth. That fish would look at Mitchell’s relationship with his mother and say, ‘That’s messed up.'”

Hayley: “Why are you guys yelling at us? We were way upstairs. Just text me.”

Jay: “When I heard Manny wanted to fence, I was, like, sure. Uncoordinated kid, lethal weapon. How can this go wrong?”

Phil: “I text. LOL: laugh out loud, OMG: Oh, my god, WTF: Why the face?”

Cam: “Yes, I’ve gained a few extra pounds while we were expecting the baby… but that’s science. You can’t fight it.”

Phil: “Act like a parent, talk like a peer. I call it ‘peerenting.'” 

And I loved the episode when Phil caught up with an old High School flame:

Claire: “When are you getting together with your gal pal?”

Phil: “Actually I was just checking on that, she was supposed to send me a message.”

Claire:“Ohhh… you’re Facebook friends.”

Phil: “Sure am, she’s one of my 447 friends. Everybody wants a slice…”

Are you a fan of Modern Family?

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