How to set up a Business Page on Facebook

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How to set up a Business Page on Facebook

Many businesses are now enjoying the benefits of social media marketing. But if your business is using an ordinary Facebook profile instead of a Business Page, you’re in violation of Facebook’s rules. In fact, by using a Facebook personal profile for business, you actually run the risk of losing access to your profile and all of your content. The answer is to set up a Business Page.

A Business Page is similar to a Facebook Profile, except that it is public and users can Like and become a “fan” of your Page, without requiring approval from the Page’s administrator.

Creating a Page is completely free of charge, but does need your time to build and maintain it.

To get started, visit (Note: you must be logged in to Facebook to create a Page). Facebook will then walk you through a simple wizard to create your Page in just a few steps:

1. Choose a classification

You can choose from the following:

• Local Business or Place

• Company, Organisation or Institution

• Brand or Product

• Artist, Brand or Public Figure

• Entertainment

• Cause or Community

The category you choose will help you rank in more relevant searches and provide relevant information fields on your Page.

2. The next set-up wizard will ask you to upload a photo – it’s best to use your company or brand logo.

3. You’ll then be given an opportunity to suggest your page to friends, in order to generate fans, and add some basic information.

4. Next, complete your Page like you would a Facebook Profile. Click on “Edit Page” or “Edit Info” on your Page’s homepage to add information about your business, like your website, a short description, products and other relevant elements.

That’s it! Your Facebook Page is up and running.

Once your Page is live, there are a number of things you can do to optimise it for search and to promote it to a much wider audience. The key is to engage and interact with your fans.

For more information on Facebook Business Pages and converting personal profiles into Business Pages visit Facebook’s help centre here.

To find out more about Social Media Marketing visit Louise Hudson’s website –


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  1. Great post. I really need to set up a Facebook page for my blog.

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