I am The Stig — Life On The Edge (of the Fens)

Or ‘Early Promise Unfulfilled’ So picture the scene. Me, with the seat of the huge estate car necessarily pushed right back, struggling to reach the pedals, hurtling down the A1 at speeds that would have made my eyes water were they not already doing so, actually hoping to see the police in my rear view […]

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The quiet before the storm — Life On The Edge (of the Fens)

Amazement that we’d done it, combined with heat and hugeness meant that I, at any rate, did very little to help in those early days. It became a bit of a game to those I used to think loved me to see just how long it would take me to get up the front stairs, […]

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Grantham Connecting

Grantham Business Expo 2017

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Just wanted to say what a great first for Grantham; everyone coming together, under one roof at Arena UK (on the other side of the A1 from Downtown)

Businesses ranged from retail (including the aforementioned Oldrids/Downtown) to B2Bs and local charities.

We saw wonderful demonstrations from Sue at Flowers from Holland, bubbles from Pristine Dry Cleaners and Grantham apples from Reflect Recruitment.

The catering from the Arena was excellent – thank you Teresa – and the speakers informative and inspirational.

A big round of applause for the amazing Emma Sheardown, a motivational speaker and para dressage rider and Noreen Read, a business speaker and expert on business funding, as our guest speakers for the evening.

But I think the biggest takeaway was the fun atmosphere, the hustle and bustle and a real buzz of excitement! It really does feel like Grantham means business now.

Grantham is a changin’ 

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Life changes; with or without you

Source: Life changes; with or without you

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As mid-life crises go …. — Life On The Edge

… this was a doozie. After 14 years of marriage Eeyore turned 40 and decided life didn’t amount to a hill of beans. I knew I needn’t worry: we’d talked about The Move for years without actually doing it, so I decided to humour the dear boy. He said he resented my patronising tone and that […]

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Writing on Social Media

When launching a social media campaign, voice and tone are really important. To know your voice, you first need to know your audience. This means identifying – and understanding – your target market. That means listing, segmenting and determining who will benefit from your product or service.
Who is your market demographically; age, gender, relationship status, income, occupation?
You also need to be able to describe your market psychographically; emotions & attitudes
At the end of the day, it is your target reader that will determine what and how you write and everything you write should be with that reader in mind.


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Why you should be using Social Media

Social Media is used not only to drive sales and revenue but is also used for recruiting staff, disaster recovery in crisis management, launching a product or event and for consumer research. However one of the biggest uses in my mind, is to drive people to your information.

Linkbacks from social sites are really authoritative and send valuable signals to search engines. Social Media matters more that ever when it comes to optimising your information.

Even the White House uses Twitter! When a follower complained that their tweets were boring, they tweeted an apology for the dryness of fiscal policy alongside a link to a Rick Astley video to cheer everyone up!

My last point being, and it was undoubtedly the first reason why social media was used, is that, even as a business, you should have fun 🙂frogs-1037853_960_720

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